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VoxPop Streamer Spotlight: L1L_F3LL4

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hey Everyone!

This week I’m highlighting another amazing member of our community, Edward, aka L1L_F3LL4! Edward is one of our partnered VoxPop streamers and usually streams survival games. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Edward a few times over some co-streams in the past, and he’s always been a blast to play games with.

Through a few simple questions and going through his Twitch channel for footage, it was clear to me how passionate Edward is about streaming. One of my favorite questions is “what are some of your goals as a streamer?” and many of our partnered streamers have a similar answer. Edwards response to the questions was simple:

“As a streamer, I don’t really have any goals if I’m honest, because I work full time. It’s hard for me to have a consistent stream schedule. My main goal as a streamer is to create fun, interesting content for people to watch where they can engage me during the stream or come and play with me on the game I’m playing and have a bit of fun. Get away from the real world and just forget about this. Just forget about things, just have a laugh with fellow gamers where we can share our passions for gaming, whatever it may be.”

Edward is such a down to earth guy, and that’s what I really appreciate about him. Nowadays many streamers are celebrities, and they don’t feel very authentic. People like Fella really uphold the streaming community though. He streams because of his passion for gaming and to make someone's day better. We need more people like him in the streaming world.

Make sure you follow L1L_F3LL4 on Twitch and Twitter!


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