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VoxPop Games Developer Spotlight: QQnut Games

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hey Everyone!

Since I’ve gotten to VoxPop I’ve been really amazed by the developers and content creators that work with us. I wanted to get to know the people in our community better and give them the spotlight! Thus, I’ve begun working on VoxPop streamer and developer spotlights. Up first, is JayJay, of QQnut Games!

JayJay is a nineteen year old game developer from Colombia. I was a fan of his already after playing his game PuzzleTopia on stream. PuzzleTopia is a word search game with a super unique and quirky art style. I remember chatters eagerly telling me where each word was in the puzzle.

Honestly, that is still one of my favorite streams I’ve ever done streaming for VoxPop. I had the pleasure of asking him a few questions about what got him interested in game development, and the projects that he’s currently working on.

One of my favorite things about JayJay is how down to Earth he is. He truly creates games because of his love and passion for the artform. I wasn’t able to use all of his responses in the Developer Spotlight video but I believe his response to the question: “What are some of your goals as a game developer?” sums up what kind of designer he is perfectly. His response was the following:

“Honestly? to just have fun, y'know? To show the world what I am creatively capable of, and to make my games the best they can be by doing everything I can. Some may say that those are minor goals, but It's important for any game dev to keep expectations low, because you may never truly know if you're gonna accomplish certain big goals or not, but if I had to say what my biggest goal was, it's for me to be known worldwide, perhaps.

Let it be known, future game devs! If you want to make it big someday, start small, trust me, it'll pay off in the long run, just gotta keep the grind!”

Here is the latest VoxPop Games developer spotlight, JayJay from QQnut Games!

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