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Client Update v2.9.2

Hey friends!

It’s that time again! We have an update rolling out - v2.9.2.

Here’s what changed!

  • There’s now an automated payment system for developers!

If you have some profits to claim, you can head over to your profile, go to the bottom of the page where your other metrics are, and click on the Payouts tab and select Request Payout. On your first time, you will be prompted to set up an account through Stripe (we’ll be adding other payment options in the future). After setting up, you can request payments at any time. And you can edit your payment info in the cog wheel settings menu on your profile.

  • We’ve finally added a notifications page! There’s now a little bell icon on your profile page that will appear with a red dot when you have a notification. This will have things like when a game you own has a new bounty, when a game you wishlisted goes live, and when someone sends you a friend request -- amongst plenty of other things.

  • Demo titles have moved to under the Store tab. You’ll have to “purchase” them now if you wish to have them in your library

  • Demos will not constantly ask for an update even when they are, in fact, updated - You are now asked to verify your password on account creation

  • The search bar has been optimized a bit. It should run a little more smoothly

  • The bug that launches a mini VoxPop after you complete a purchase has been fixed

All of these updates and more can be found in our Discord. We also welcome user feedback and suggestions in our Discord server, so please join us! And be sure to check out some of our latest and greatest titles, like our VoxPop Exclusive Ealu if you're into precision platformers, or perhaps something cute like Fisti-Fluffs or Miko Adventures Puffball !

Aaannnd that’s it for now! Thanks for all your support and sticking with us as we grow and expand and make this client what you all want it to be. Couldn’t do it without you! Stay tuned for what coming next on the VoxPop Games client.

<3 Holly

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