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Client Update - v 3.1.7

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hey there!

It’s update time! Today we’re rolling out a fairly hefty new build, so be sure to get it updated when you can. We’re going through a bit of a UI overhaul, and this build covers some of that - more to come in the future.

Let’s talk about what’s going on in 3.1.7!

You may notice some things have moved around. The store page subtabs have all been consolidated into the main Store page and migrated into buttons on the top of the store page itself. They are - in order - Featured, Best Sellers, Coming Soon, and All Games

All Games has a bit more expanded information on each game, including more description visible along with the game’s genre tags.

We’ve added a new navigation bar at the top of the client. The shopping cart has moved there as well as a universal back button and the notifications page. This is just preliminary and we’ll be expanding this and cleaning it up a bit more in the future.

Speaking of the shopping cart: we’ve updated that as well! There’s now a bit more information available on each of the game’s being purchased and we’ve added your wishlist to the page to show you which games you have wishlisted that are currently available to purchase.

Some other notable minor updates and quality of life changes:

  • Bounty Board has moved to Partner Tools

  • Added a sorting dropdown menu on All Games page

  • One-click copy on your external URL (press on the link and it copies to clipboard for Streamlabs posting)

  • You can wishlist games that are available to purchase

  • Some games have their file size listed on the page - we’ll be working on a way to make it available on all games

  • Backend security and bug fixes

Things we’re working on:

  • You may notice the Demos are missing from this build. We’re currently reworking how they function on our backend and we’ll have them available again in the next build - sorry for the inconvenience!

  • When deleting notifications, it’s not immediately visible that it does so. When you leave the notifications page, they will be gone.

This is just the first of many UI updates coming in the new year. As we’re still building, please always let us know what you like, don’t like, and would love to see in the coming months! I tell you all this pretty much every time I update here, but it’s because it’s super true: we appreciate everything you do for us and we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

Please always tell us when you have feedback or ideas for us.


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