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Client 2.6.0 Update

Hey everyone!!

It’s been a while since our last big update, so I’m here to tell you what’s going on in there! If you haven’t seen it already, on Tuesday evening (New York time) we pushed an update to the client.

Here are the main things that have been added:

• We’ve added a charity tool for developers to use! It can be found in the same place as the Pop Share percentage on the individual game’s pages and will work similarly. We only have one charity in place right now as we’re building it out seeing how things go, and that charity is Able Gamers [ ]. This is just a small taste of things to come!

• We’ve added indicator tags on game pages that denote if a game has exclusive content

• You can now search for games by their tags in the search bar under the All tab in the store in both the client and the web portal. You can do this by typing # plus a game genre. For example: #retro will bring up all games with the retro tag. You can add multiple tags in the search bar to narrow down your results. This will also work with #exclusive for those games that have content you can only find on VoxPop

• • We are aware that there is a bit of a lag on the client with this feature and we’re working on it.

•You can now buy games straight from the web portal! They’ll be there and ready to download for you on the client after purchase

Developers: please do your tax interview. You should have gotten an email explaining it. If you didn’t, please let me or Marc know

• We’ve also fixed a few other minor bugs

I’d also like to take advantage of this time to let you all know what we’re working on and what updates you can expect in the near future!

--Things like Wishlisting! as well as Devs editing their own game pages! --

Stay tuned

And don’t forget:

<3 Holly

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Sep 12, 2021


Sep 12, 2021

hi holy

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