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Find the help you need with the power of profit-sharing

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Make your dream game a reality or find another dream to make your own.

About Us

Do you have an unwavering passion for making video games? 

Making video games is hard. If you're serious about making a complete

product, it requires an extremely wide array of skills. Sure, you might be a

good programmer, but are you an artist? An animator? An actor?


In a perfect world, you’d have collaborators helping you build the parts of

your game that you struggle with, but finding collaborators can take

precious development time away from actually building the game - that's

where we come in!


VoxPop is looking to build a network where all sorts of creators can come

together to make their dream games a reality!

VoxPop Games is building an entirely new recruiting tool for indie game

developers, based on parsing shares of revenue to key game development

collaborators across new & upcoming indie video game projects.

When collaborators join a project, they get a percentage of the sales. So

when the game reaches the market, they will automatically be paid a

portion of its sales as dividends. The entire process is handled by VoxPop's

backend - so they know they can trust you, and you don't have to worry

about the accounting work.


So if you got a project, come on board and find your team. If you don't, find

a project, and start building that portfolio!

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We are hoping students, whether they are game designers or not, take advantage of our middleware toolset.

Are you an artist? Cool! We will try to find a project for you that you can do art on.

Are you a programmer? Sick! We will help you find a project that you can do some programming work in.

Regardless of your major or interests, we will help you find projects to boost your portfolio.

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Outer Terror is our first micro-publishing title to take use

of our middleware services. The game was developed by

Salt & Pixel an Indie Game Developer based out of Virginia.

We helped S&P by providing various services to help with

the production, advertising, and release of the game. Services

included QA Testing, content about the game, reaching out to

streamers to stream the game, finding an artist to help with the 

games art, and help with the design of the game.  Outer Terror

received positive reviews and is available for purchase here.

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