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Find the help you need with the power of profit-sharing


A Peer-To-Peer Game Distribution & Development Platform

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About Us

Do you have an unwavering passion for video games?

Are you fed up with watching your favorite content creators struggle to make ends meet? Maybe you are an independent game developer who struggles with payroll or marketing? Maybe you’re an artist or animator, who’s tired of not getting a fair pay for your work. 

VoxPop is looking to bring all of that to an end!

VoxPop Games is a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Game Distribution & Development platform. We’re looking to bring creatives together with our profit-sharing tools. We want everyone to have their work out in the world, while getting paid a fair share for it. 

We allow developers to leverage a small portion of their future income for users and streamers who help promote their games, thus giving developers exposure and influencers another revenue stream.

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Sharing the Loot

VoxPop is built on Profit-Sharing. By recommending games, getting your friends on board, or even just passively seeding files, you'll be earning a percentage of every sale as cold hard cash.

There's more too. Get a friend on board and you'll receive a percentage of every dollar they spend from now until forever. You'll even get a small percent of sale from anybody they get on board as well!

Turn around and spend that cash on the platform, or retrieve it to use elsewhere - it's yours!

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