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While the games space may be familiar to those of use who work in, or grew up with, video games, outside analysts looking at the numbers alone can sometimes miss key nuances in how the industry is structured. One of the first investors I pitched VoxPop to, for example, asked why I wasn't make a distribution platform for mobile games, since on paper, mobile games are worth more.

Of course, savvy readers will know that any such distribution platform would itself have to be distributed through the existing platforms of iTunes or Google Play, and that the vast majority of successful mobile games are freemium besides, making a middleman irrelevant; but coming at games investment as an outsider with spreadsheets, a mistake like that is fairly precedented.

That is why I am excited to share this article from The writer does a deep dive into what publishers and games investors are really looking for, and it serves as a fantastic primer for those outsiders coming, or even just those who are wondering if there's a space for VoxPop in this crowded industry.

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