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VoxPop X New Gameplay Today! (Game Informer)

Hey Everyone!

As you probably know, we’ve been working on a game titled Outer Terror with a fellow indie game developer, Brandon from Salt & Pixel. As the release date draws closer, the game got its own press release. As part of the games press release, Outer Terror was featured in Game Informers New Gameplay Today series of videos!

New Gameplay Today is a gaming video series where different journalists at Game Informer play a few minutes of upcoming games. This time Wesley LeBlanc, who has previously covered some of our other games here at VoxPop was joined by Kyle Hillard.. It was great to watch these two play a bit of Outer Terror.

Here is the video: Courtesy of Game Informer

In the video Kyle and Wesley go on to compliment the game's art style and talk about aspects of the game that excite them. Such as the two player co-op, the comic horror art style, and the various comic book stories.

Here is the Full Article Write-up : Outer Terror Is Like Vampire Survivors Meets Pulp Action Horror

It was exciting to see others play the game for the first time and see their initial thoughts. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes with Brandon in order to make Outer Terror as solid as possible. We hope that you will all enjoy it as Wesley and Kyle did!

If you’re interested in Outer Terror, you can Wishlist it in the following places.

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