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VoxPop Client Update - v 4.0.1

Hey Everyone!

It’s update time again! There are some pretty big changes this time, so make sure to update when you can.

The main update in 4.0.1 is the new community spotlight tab, as well as the new recommendation layouts! Let's get right into it.

Home Page

You may have noticed a new home page on the client. This new home page will be for highlighting members of our community by placing their livestream, social media, and their recommended games all in one place for the entirety of our VoxPop community to see! Currently we are highlighting the VoxPop Games socials, but in the future we will be picking content creators to place here.

In addition to gaining visibility to the community, a highlighted users top three recommended games will also be displayed. This way anyone who visits the home page and digs the game you are playing, can use your recommendation to put some cash into your pocket. When a user hovers over a recommended game they will be able to see the Pop Share instantly as well, which is a great touch if you're looking to support a smaller content creator!

External Link Changes

Speaking of recommendations, there have been changes to a users external link landing page.

The landing page has gotten a huge visual overhaul, now displaying your top three recommended games at the top similar to the bottom of a user being displayed on the home page. Just like on the home page, on hover a games Pop Share and a brief description of the game will be displayed as well.

Unlike the homepage, a users landing page can have unlimited recommendations. Scrolling past the top three games will bring you to the rest of that users recommended games. Each games price, Pop Share, and a brief description of the game are all readily available from here.

Make sure that you recommend some games, or else you'll end up like our old friend MoneyStratNeverWorks :(

That's about it for the main updates in 4.0.1! Before we end this off, here are some quality of life updates.

  • Share button for games

A share button has been added to the store so users can quickly link each other to games both on the web and desktop client. This will allow you to get other users hyped for upcoming releases of amazing indie games!

  • UI improvements for Profile page

The "external link" button is now the "Share URL" button. Instead of a pop up window coming up to tell the user it has been copied, the buttons text turns to copied. Make sure you make use of this in your live stream or YouTube bio so users can purchase games through your recommendations! Additionally ID digits have been added before numeric User IDs.

  • Include/do not include coming soon games in search

Users can not specify whether or not they would like unreleased games to be included in their search or not.

  • Added category icons (the 4 button in the top left of the client store windows) to the web portal

The four icons from the store on the main client have been added to the web client store. Now users on web client can look at featured, best seller, coming soon, and all games. It's now easier than ever to find information about an amazing indie game.

  • Added the drop-down filters from the "All" page on client to the store

Users can now use a drop down filter to sort games in the "all games" tab on both the web and main clients. It's easier now than ever to find the perfect indie game for you. Need a cheap game? Try sorting our 300 games from lowest priced to highest. Want bangers only? Try sorting by highest rated.

  • Added the sorting menu to all store pages in web

On web client specifically, you'll be able to use this sorting method in all four tabs of the store.

As we continue to push updates to the web and live client make sure to let us know what you like, don’t like, and what you’d like to see in future updates!

Thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful community, we wouldn’t be here without you!

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