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THE GUARDIANS OF LODINO FOREST | G.O.L.F Open Invitational 2020 |

Updated: Jun 13, 2020


The First WORLDWIDE Live Streamed Space-Action GOLF Tournament featuring VARIOUS INTERNATIONAL Players (Community Member / GAMERS / VoxPop VIPs + myself)

Simulcasting across all the participant channels and multicast on the VoxPop Games Twitch Stream.


The Rule-set and Winnings are as such:

Set Rules for Best Overall Score counting Deaths points against scoring in real time, during our Twitch Simulcast. 18 holes, One Simulcast Run, no resets, Death Count counts against total score, current record is 37 points (unless otherwise noted by video proofing).

For Golf, the lower the score the better the finish, so we are looking for the score closest to 18 (Perfect Game) 

If the game fails for any reason during the stream there is a 5 stroke incurred penalty, upon reset.  In the event of a tie in overall scoring, the TIME of 18 Round COMPLETION will be the determining factor and the Purse is $20.20USD for the ONE WINNER.


We all know that the real prize is BRAGGING RIGHTS and also an Object Icon Trophy Badge for the winner's VoxPop Games profile.

This object image will be unique to the year of the Tournament. Participants will also get a new Uniform participant Badge on their profiles.

Guardians Of Lodino Forest (G.O.L.F. for short), is a game about shooting an armed ALIEN golf ball into submission and then striking it for a hole in one.

For this task, you are equipped with the Lodino Rifle: a hybrid between a golf club and an assault rifle.

The Game Features 18 holes, over 4 environments against 6 Inter-Dimensional bullet hell patterns

Dynamic difficulty Controls WASD/arrow keys: move (move forward for improved speeds)

Left click/ space bar: shoot

F4: toggle Fullscreen / Escape: Quit game

If you were one of the amazing Early Closed Beta Sign-ups, you might have received Guardians as our way of thanking you for Joining the VoxPop Games Movement!!

If you are just joining us post- May 20th, the title is available for purchase on the Client platform for $3 USD. If you have watched a recent stream from one of our amazing Streamer Partner Affiliates, please be sure you input their codes into the Reco Box at Checkout.

Here are a few of our Streamer Affiliate Partner User ID Reco Codes, in case you see any amazing VoxPop Games being played on their Streams and you want to provide some support!

JaScorper - 161

Izzayo - 133

lithiumproject - 160

CandlesPlays - 136

GrapeGoose - 152

We will begin invitational sign-ups for the event starting at 1:00PM EST, June 9th, 2020 on our Discord Channel:

We hope to see all of the AMAZING Streamer and Content Creator Support, and we are looking forward to crowning the Inaugural Tournament Champion.

We'll see EVERYONE on the links soon enough!!

It's real.

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