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Meet our Streamers: JaScorper and GrapeGoose!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

VoxPop is very proud of the streamers that have chosen to be part of our ever-growing community. I'd like to shine a spotlight on a couple of them today. JaScorper and GrapeGoose both became platform streamers because they love indie games and saw VoxPop as an opportunity to help shed light onto the indie developers who work so hard to get their games out in the world.

Now let's learn a little bit about those streamers who help make us the incredible community that we are today.


I'm JaScorper.

A streamer with a big dream: To help people having a good laugh, an amazing time!

I'm a casual variety streamer, who is always in for some good time.

I mostly stream indie games, Pokémon and do some support or Just Chatting streams.

I love to have people around, and to have a talk with the people in AND outside the community

Doing a lot of stuff to help people, and to support them to get to their goals

That's why I'm here at VoxPop, to help other streamers, the creators of VoxPop Games and the developers of the indie games to get where they want to be!

So if you are reading this now... GET IN HERE!

There is so much fun involved and we can't wait to make more people fall in love with this platform!

I will sting you later



Grape Goose is a very average gamer and mostly average streamer. He grew up in the south, but never wanted to be part of the group that spent all their time hunting and fishing. He spent much more time playing everything he could get his hands on. Goose grew up without much money and was very lucky to have what he did. Most of his early gaming years was on a very low-end PC and

was typically games such as Where in Time is Carmen San Diego, and Putt-Putt Goes to the Airport. Eventually this was upgraded and Josh borrowed Halo: Combat Evolved which led to a love of single-player shooters.

Many hours were spent taking turns with his mother while they played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and that cemented his love of video games as an escape from the real world. He continued playing Zelda games and still counts them as his favorite series of all time. He still tends to play single-player story-driven adventures more than anything else, but will occasionally team up with friends to pretend to be pirates in Sea of Thieves or friendly wastelanders in Fallout 76.

His streams usually show him bouncing to different titles from day to day. He still hasn’t found his rhythm, but he knows he’s getting close. Lofty dreams float through his head of a streamer and his viewers being more of a collective. He could be more than just a streamer, but he could be a gateway through which people can see all of these new worlds, so they can all escape together, even for just a little while at a time.


Interested in meeting these streamers? You can catch JaScorper on Twitch here and GrapeGoose's streams here. They're both also very active in our Discord community, so drop in and say hello! We'd love to have you.



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