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Help Nominate Outer Terror for the Steam Awards!

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to ask for your help with nominating Outer Terror for the Steam Awards. In order to be in the running in December, we will have to get enough votes to be nominated for the award. Nomination votes end November 28th, so make sure that you nominate Outer Terror before then!

You can nominate the game quickly by using this link, and clicking on the ticker near the top of the page.

We are trying to get Outer Terror nominated for the Outstanding Visual Style award, which is described as a "distinctive look and feel that suffuses an entire game". Outer Terror's art was part of our middleware initiative. We helped Outer Terror's Developer, Salt & Pixel find an artist that would best represent his game, which ended up being Chito. We wanted to make sure the game had a distinct comic book feel, and Chito ended up achieving just that.

Here is our accolades trailer so you can see the art in it's full effect:

Thank you for your continued support of Outer Terror.

Stay Tuned for more exciting updates, more news as our support continues for the game!

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