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Bounty Board Update v2.8.2

Good news, everyone!

We're rolling out a new tool on the client -- the long-teased first version of our bounty board! You can find it starting on version 2.8.2, so be sure to update!

The tl;dr version is this:

  • Developers can post a bounty for any game they created. The main purpose of these bounties is to incentivize influencers and the like to help the developer get more eyes on their games by way of a boosted profit share percentage to those who take the bounty.

  • On these bounties is a task. These will generally be something along the lines of "please stream my game on your channel" or "I'd like reviews written and published on your site." but can also include challenges like "beat the current speedrun time of xx:xx."

  • Anyone can apply to these bounties, but developers will be able to choose who to accept.

  • When you complete a bounty, the game will have a boosted PopShare% compared to the one advertised on the game's page. Just have the game purchased on your account and have it in your recommended games list. Anyone who purchases a bounty'd game from your recommendations will net you that boosted PopShare

Vid Below shows how -to- BOUNTY via VoxPop!


Now, let's get into the specifics with a nifty how-to [EXPANDED]!

First, let's talk about where everything lives.

You will be able to find the bounties in the tab on the left, under News and Bounties.

The Bounty Board is where you will find all of the currently live bounties. My Bounties is where you can check the status of bounties you've applied to, which ones you've completed, etc.

If you're a developer, this will also be a place to manage the bounties you have posted.

Clicking on Bounty Board will lead you to a screen that looks like this. These are the 3 most recent postings. The button lists what the PopShare bounty is as well as what the price of the game in question is. You can click that button to join the bounty.

If you would like to see more, simply click See All+

By going to See All+, you will be lead to a page that looks something like this. All currently live bounties will be here and available for perusing.

When you apply to a bounty, you will be prompted to write a little bit about why you would like to be chosen. It's not required, but it will greatly help your chances.

After you've applied to bounties, you can find the ones you've applied to in you My Bounties tab in either Pending or, if your application was approved, in Active.

Once a dev has marked you as Completed, you'll find it listed there. Only when it is in Completed will you get the bounty.


As a developer, you may want to post your own bounty at some point. At the top of either bounty board page, there is a Post Bounty button. That brings you to this screen.

Here, you can set which game (if you have multiple) , what you're looking for, a longer description of what you're looking for, what your bounty share will be, and how many people you're looking for.

You can edit this any time from the edit button on the bounty after you've posted it, just in case you made and oopsie.

Once you have live bounties, you can find and manage them in the My Bounties tab under Posted Bounties.

Clicking on a bounty request will open their application. It will look something like this if they've left a message.

After you've added some people to your bounty, click on Participants. This will open a screen like so. Here is where you mark participants as completed. Please keep in mind they will not benefit from the bounty share until they are marked as such.


I believe that covers it all in this first iteration of the bounty board tool. Please be sure to use the Report a Bug function if you find something fishy. Our Discord is also open to use for feedback and bug reporting.

We have a lot of big plans for this new feature in the future (this is v1 of these new system tools), so be sure to tell us how you feel about it, what you'd like to see added, what you'd like to see changed, etc.

We appreciate your feedback and always take it to heart when we're building out tools such as this.

Until next time ~

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