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A new paradigm with VoxPop 2.0

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Good Day, Everyone.

A New Era is Upon us.

On January 21st, 2021, Our Team went LIVE to the WORLD with our 2.0 Client Platform.

Here's the skinny...

The time has come-- and we’ve reached full 2.0 open release time!

Over the course of the day, your client should get a ping to update. If not, you can find it at the top of the list on

What’s in the shiny new version of VoxPop, you ask? Well, let’s get into it!

1.You can use your VoxCoins to purchase games now! In check out, click the checkbox stating you would like to use VoxCoin for this purchase and apply how much you would like to use in the input box. VoxCoin conversion: 1 coin = $0.01 USD. So a game that costs $1.99 would take 199 VoxCoins

This is your VoxCoin

2.Users with no role in the client can apply to switch to a Streamer role by going to the settings gear button (upper right hand corner of the screen) on your profile and pressing “I am a Streamer” and inputting your valid streaming site from Youtube or Twitch. This information is not used for anything other than verifying that you are, in fact a streamer, but we’re looking for recommendations from our resident @Streamers on how you may envision this function being expanded.

3.We’ve added a Trophy Case on your profile. Right now there will be only one badge for our founding members who have been with us since Beta-- there’s a variant if you go to your settings gear and swap it out (alternate beta image). We will be adding badges as time goes for things like winning VP tournaments, owning lots of games, recommending lots of friends to join VP, etc.

Shiny New Trophy
Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

4.The graph on your profile is now enabled with new metric tracking, it will now show you how many profile visits you’ve had, how much VoxCoin you’ve made from recommended titles and the like, as well as how many people you’ve been directly responsible for signing up to VP-- don’t forget you make VoxCoin for each purchase those people make, and every person who you sign up using your User ID!

The graph info is visible to you and anyone on your friends list.

Click on each of the Colors to Pop-Up your Stats!

5. Speaking of friends list... Now you can see who's on the VoxPop Platform for some Mutli-Player Matches (Green Dot) and who isn't (Grey Dot)

6.In the User Directory, you can now search by role - Developer, Streamer, Publisher, Gamer, Staff, Admin

Type in Admin, Staff, Developer or Streamer!

7.We hid all the tables on your profile that represent data for P2P stuff and we’ll keep it hidden until we roll out full P2P functionality.

8.We’ve added tags! You can’t search by them yet, but they’re there to help you understand what type of game it is. You can find them close to the bottom of a game’s page, next to other new features!!

9.We’ve also added game ratings! They’re very visible at the bottom of the game page under the tags, next to yet another new feature!!

Exciting New Ratings

10.We’ve also, ALSO added recommended computer specifications, for if you’re unsure whether a game will run on your setup.

Ex. A Potato

11.All three of the previously mentioned new features have placeholder data placed by us, but will be fully customizable soon once we open up the option for developers to edit their game pages.

12.There are also some minor bug fixes, per usual. Things like hiding that ugly scroll bar and tool bar, making any links in your bio or game description link out to a web browser, and making the News page have the most recent and relevant posts at the top rather than bottom (we also put patch notes in there until we have a function for specific game pages to have their own patch notes sections).

Please keep in mind that, although this is our first full release outside of Beta, we will be regularly adding new features. This certainly isn’t it, there’s so much more to come and we can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store!

Here are a few Articles and News Stories detailing our awesome new features for 2.0:

And finally, as a huuuuuge thank you to everyone who has supported us during our various versions of Beta, we’re giving out 499 VoxCoin to our Founding Members. If you have a founder badge on your profile, you’re eligible.

Just send a quick DM to Marc @COO (via Discord) or Direct Email to with your Username and User ID and we’ll get it over to you. - This will run until the end of January 2021, so please claim your VoxCoin ASAP

For our New Signees, you are entitled to a cool GIVEAWAY.

For users that signed up on Jan 21st, 2021 you are entitled to our MYSTERY GAME, so once again...

Just send a quick DM to Marc @COO (via Discord) or Direct Email to with your Username and User ID and we’ll get it over to you. - This will run until the end of January 2021, so please claim your Free Games ASAP

To ensure the Mystery Game we will need to be fwd'd your email verification date, so you can forward that as proof and we will unlock the GAME for your account on the PC platform client.

If you signed up after the 21st, you are still eligible for ONE of three games pictured below...



Thank you all so much for all your love and support and constructive criticism and for sticking with us through thick and thin. We couldn’t have made it this far without you-- truly.

The entire VoxPop Team thanks all of you for your patience as we try to change the dynamic of Indie Gaming, Streaming and Development all for the better and into a new era.

It's been real

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